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Donate now to our Refugee Crisis Emergency Fund and save the lives of families fleeing war in the most difficult places in the world to survive today. Families in the Middle East need your help right now. It's fast and secure. Click here to donate now!

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We go where the need is the greatest, and help people to discover that the answer to poverty lies within themselves.

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Why You Matter 

Poverty is not God's plan. You are. Learn how your gifts multiply through matching grants to do more good.  

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You Can Help 

Right now, we are responding in 12 countries around the world. There are so many ways you can make a difference.


We are all meant to care about something.

We're all created to work toward causes bigger than ourselves.

There are millions who will go to bed hungry tonight; those who will die today. Fortunately this isn’t the whole story: for you, or for them.  By partnering with them, you become part of a transforming global community. 

So. What has been placed on your heart? What can you do? 

What’s your Cause?

World Relief Canada invites you to explore our site, discover your CAUSE and find out what you can do to change the world today. 



Start your journey and declare your CAUSE!                

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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/acute-hunger Acute Hunger

Release families from the fear of hunger and its debilitating affects. 


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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/women_1 Women

Globally, 70% of those living in poverty are women. Help close serious gender gaps.


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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/children Children

Every day, children's lives are stunted by poverty, abuse, war, HIV/AIDS, homelessness or the loss of their parents. You can help.

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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS

Help us educate families and communities about HIV/AIDS and prevent the needless spread of the disease.


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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/abject-poverty Abject Poverty

 Respond to the needs of people in abject poverty.


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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/human-trafficking Human Trafficking  

Help put an end to iexploitation and abuse. 


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Refugees Refugees

Help refugees restore their lives and livelihoods.


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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/clean-water Clean Water

Provide access to clean water that saves lives.


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http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/microfinance Microfinance

Provide access to the financial services people need to start a business that can strengthen their families and communities. Click to learn more! 

http://2464.bbnc.bbcust.com/education Education

Ensure that communities respect the rights of all children to go to school. 


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